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Pizza dough

Pizza Dough Ingredients

For a thin base

  1. Active yeast dry 1 teaspoon a spoon
  2. Wheat flour 200 g
  3. Salt 0.3 tea spoons
  4. Sugar 0.5 tea spoons
  5. Water 1/3 cup
  6. Egg 1 pc.
  7. Butter 1 table. a spoon

For a lush base

  1. Active yeast dry 1 sachet (7 g)
  2. Wheat flour 300 g
  3. Salt 0.5 teaspoon a spoon
  4. Milk 250 ml
  5. Water 100 ml
  6. Olive oil 2 table. spoons
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings


Glass, Deep plate, Whisk (fork), Pots, Stove

Making pizza dough:

Step 1: Prepare the pizza dough.

Option 1: Dough for a thin pizza base. Making pizza is a very fun process, so it’s better to cook it in the company of friends, distributing simple tasks to everyone. And since the dough for the base is the most important, we will cook it ourselves. So, we need a third of a glass of warm water, in which we add sugar and active yeast. Mix it all in a small saucepan. It is necessary to stir constantly so that they dissolve along with sugar. After 10 minutes, when instead of water and yeast with sugar, a cloudy brownish foam appears, add melted and chilled oil. Stir the contents of the saucepan and add salt. Break the egg into a deep plate and beat it for several minutes with a fork or whisk. The beaten egg is sent to the pan with future dough. Pour the flour there and mix the contents. Cover the pan with the dough with a clean towel and put it in a warm place so that the dough rises. This will take 20-30 minutes, after which you can proceed to rolling out the dough and making pizza directly. Option 2: Dough for a magnificent pizza base. The recipe for the dough for a magnificent pizza base is slightly different, and you need to cook it as follows. Pour a hill of flour onto the table, pour a bag of quick-acting yeast and salt to it. Gradually pouring a mixture of water and milk, we begin to knead the dough. Add olive oil (for lack of it, you can use sunflower). We cover the finished dough with butter and transfer to a pan or bowl, which we cover with a towel and put it in a warm place for 1 hour. The dough should increase in size by 1.5-2 times.

Step 2: We get the finished pizza dough.

Whichever option you choose, the next step is to get it out of the pan or bowl, knead for a couple of minutes, put on a table sprinkled with flour and begin to roll out into the formation. For thin pizza, the dough should be rolled out 0.5 cm thick, for lush pizza - 1.5 centimeters or optional. Have a nice pizza cooking! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Do not pour oil directly onto dry yeast, otherwise the dough will not work well. Pour the oil into a semi-mixed dough.

- - If you cook hot pizza, then to add spice you can add chopped greens to the dough. Add greens after the dough has settled.

- - The classic pizza recipe involves mixing regular flour and durum flour.

- - If you added a little more water and the dough turned out to be liquid, this can be fixed with flour. But too steep dough does not rise well, and pizza from it turns out to be tough, so stick to the middle ground.

- - With an excess of salt, the dough rises poorly, and with a lack - it turns out vague.