Turkey breast pastrami

Ingredients for turkey breast pastrami

  1. Chicken breast fillet chilled 1 kg
  2. Dried basil seasoning 2 tsp
  3. Ground coriander 1 tsp
  4. Oregano seasoning 2 tsp
  5. Coriander seasoning in beans 2 tsp
  6. Ground sweet pepper 2 tsp
  7. Hot red pepper ground at the tip of the knife
  8. Table mustard (no flavoring!) 1 tsp
  9. Fresh garlic 3 cloves (medium)
  10. Running water (distilled) 2 l
  11. Salt 4 tablespoons in 2 l of water
  12. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp
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  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Oven, Kitchen towel, Deep bowl for marinade, Frying pan or pan, 2.5 L pan, Teaspoon, Knife, Cutting board

Cooking turkey pastrami:

Step 1: prepare the breast.

Pastrami is a traditional dish of Moldavia and Romania in Jewish cuisine. For the proper preparation of pastrami turkey breast pre-soaked in brine for 2 hours. This softens the turkey and salts it exactly as much as it should. It’s pointless to rub the breast with salt - you won’t rub the salt inside, and the fillet should be saturated with salt. Therefore, the first thing we do is wash the turkey breast. We get wet with a towel and put it on the board. If the peel has not been removed before in the store, pry it with a knife on one side and remove from the breast. The purpose of the peel is up to you. But we do not need her. Rinse the breast again and put in the pan. We collect 2 liters of water and add 4 tablespoons of table salt. We breed and leave for 2 hours in a cool place. You can cover and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Step 2: prepare the marinade paste.

Now the fun part. The unsurpassed flavor of turkey breast and its spiciness is achieved thanks to a mixture of several seasonings. We need to cook it. For this put a full teaspoon of classic mustard in a deep bowl. You can with a pea! Take a clean teaspoon and measure the seasonings: basil, oregano, coriander grains and sweet paprika, 2 teaspoons each, and ground coriander one. On the tip of the knife from the bag we bring red ground pepper. Pour 3 tablespoons of oil. All this is thoroughly mixed. and leave until the end of breast salting.

Step 3: we stuff the breast and apply the spicy paste.

Two hours later, the breast can be removed from the brine. Rinse it under running water and wipe with a towel. Peel the garlic cloves and cut into plates about a half centimeter thick. In the breast fillet we make incisions and we stuff with garlic plates. The deeper the garlic goes, the better. Now the meat must be coated on all sides with spicy paste. We shift the breast from the board to a baking sheet or pan and spread the paste. I do not advise doing this with your hands. Use the knife with which the cuts were made. In extreme cases - a butter knife. We set the oven to the highest temperature (250 *) and wait for it to warm up well.

Step 4: bake pastrami.

We are close to our secret: the unusual cooking! It consists in putting dishes with breast in the oven for exactly 15 minutes. And after the bell, you turn off the oven, but the breast remains in the oven for another 2 hours. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to open the oven! The breast comes to readiness on its own and will be baked on top and juicy inside.

Step 5: serve the turkey breast pastram.

Pastrami is mainly served as a separate dish to the table. But often it is served with side dishes of stewed or fresh vegetables, used as a slice for sandwiches or cut into fresh vegetable salads. The choice is yours! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can also bake breast using foil. To do this, line it on the dishes and begin to coat the breast directly on the foil. Then wrap. Otherwise, the cooking remains the same;

- - In the preparation of pasta, you can also use French mustard;

- - In a pickle, you can throw a couple of peas of black pepper and two or three bay leaves.